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Andie's Polka-Dot Dress

Andie adores her polka-dot dress.  She wears it in the spring, in the summer, in the fall, and in the winter--even if she has to get creative to make it weather appropriate.  When Andie outgrows her polka-dot dress, she is very upset . . . until she uses her creativity to give her favourite old dress a new life.

Accompanied by illustrations by the author's daughter, Andie's Polka-Dot Dress highlights the power of problem solving, empowering young children to embrace healthy change.

Andie's Polka-Dot Dress: About Us

About the Author

Marni Kay has been an elementary school teacher for over twenty years and currently provides reading intervention for young children.  She strives to create stories that are both entertaining and enriching.  Andie's Polka-Dot Dress is Marni's second picture book, inspired by her two children and a beloved dress.  Her first book, Mya's Big Imagination, was also inspired by her children.  When she isn't reading or writing, Marni can be found playing the piano, skiing, golfing, dancing, or teaching Korean Martial Arts  ( in which she holds a black belt).  She lives in Elliot Lake, Ontario with her husband and daughters. Keep reading for teaching tips and free activity pages.

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Andie's Polka-Dot Dress: About Us
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About the Illustrator

Thirteen-year-old Andrea Kay has enjoyed arts and crafts from a young age.  She uses her creativity and problem-solving skills to build fantastic structures in video games and to solve speed cubes in under a minute.  She is a dedicated martial artist and is approaching her black belt ranking in Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do.  In addition to martial arts, she enjoys skiing, baking, photography, and playing the piano.

Andie's Polka-Dot Dress: About Us

Teaching Tips for Parents and Educators

Free Activities to Accompany Andie's Polka-Dot Dress

My Favourite Things

Andie has a favourite dress and doll. Invite your child or student to share one of their favourite things and to explain why it is special to them.

Are You a Problem-Solver?

In the book, Andie uses her problem-solving skills.  Invite your child or student to explore the many ways that they can be a problem-solver.  This activity is perfect for a classroom or home discussion following a reading of Andie's Polka-Dot Dress.

Creative Repurposing

In the story, Andie finds a new purpose for her favourite dress.  This activity is great for parents or teachers wishing to discuss the concept of repurposing.

Andie's Polka-Dot Dress: Files


Andie's Polka-Dot Dress can be purchased in hardcover or paperback by clicking on one of the links below.  It is also available as an eBook at: FriesenPress Bookstore, Kindle Bookstore, iTunes Bookstore, Amazon, and Google Books.


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Andie's Polka-Dot Dress: Files
Andie's Polka-Dot Dress: Files
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